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AgroCentric / Agriculture Yield Improvement Software

AgroExpert is a sincere, passionate and pragmatic collaboration between agricultural researchers and technologists right here in Europe. Our team has been involved both in agricultural research and agricultural technology for over two decades now. AgroExpert attempts to take a bottom up approach to these problems by engaging farmers in our research, identifying sources of bottlenecks and errors, modelling solutions using simpler technologies at individual level and finally building software solutions from these prototypes that are both generic and scalable.

All of you, agrucultural producers, that are interested to:

  • Reduce the cost of agricultural production
  • Get PREMIUM price for your products
  • Have full insight into what’s happening on your fields

Then you must see the advantages of our fieldbook!
Did you know that as a result of drought and lower yields, a significant amount of applied mineral nutrients remain in the soil / was not used by the cultivated plants

AgroExpert is composed of four distinct apps (applications) that address a specific need of this industry.

FieldBook App

FieldBook is to land and agriculture what “Online Medical Records” are for people and doctors. It provides universally accessible, digital, shareable, accurate access to a field’s history.

FertilizationAdviser App

This platform leverages upon the data from FieldBook and provides fertilizer recommendation for a field, based upon its FieldBook history. The recommendations are generated from timetested, peer-reviewed and advanced software models created by our agricultural research team.

AgroCoach App

This is a platform where the farmers can tap into the expertise of local researchers and experts all across Europe with the ease of use of a social network.

AgroWarning App

As per agricultural research advanced prediction of inclement weather formation and quick reaction to them through risk mitigation measure can greatly reduce the financial impact of these adverse weather conditions.

What’s the problem?

Lack of information about production process. If field book had existed, this would not have been happened.

We offer solution:

  • that will cut your costs and increase you income
  • hat will help you to produce food to the highest standards (ISCC, GlobalGAP), provides you report to prove it, and as consequence it is allowing you placement of products into new markets
  • that will advice you quantity and formula of mineral fertilizers that should be applied, based on soil analysis by using the module for making recommendations
  • that will provide you advisory services of renowned experts in agricultural production
  • that will create and send you “Agro-warnings” related to the occurrence of various diseases and pests and optimal deadlines for the execution of certain agricultural practices
  • that will differentiate you among other producers
  • enable you to fulfill a legal obligations
  • that will make you social responsible!


Agroexpert is cloud based solution, that provide you:

  • Evidence for completed work
  • Complete analytics of entered data
  • Consultancy from renowned experts in agricultural production


FieldBook application has numerous competitors, including local, regional, or global, but most of those solutions are just field registers, with very limited amount of details as they are generalized to any kind of agriculture production. With that level of generalization it is not possible to capture all necessary detailed information about all agrotechnical activities that part of crop production.

FieldBook provides the most detailed and specialized field registry that is available on the market to date. This specialization to crop production and this level of details gives our application competitive advantage to integrate into Dynamic Network of Applications that work together to
provide enhanced productivity of farms (maximizing yield, reducing cost of production, guaranteeing premium price for crops).

We are here even to SIMPLIFY your agricultural needs!