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Technology has fueled the expectations of consumers, who are continually looking for easier and more convenient ways to browse and shop. Today’s Omnichannel consumers utilize all channels — store, catalog, web and mobile — simultaneously, and  expect and demand their experience to be seamless across all channels.This challenges retailers, who need to orchestrate complex business processes, and optimize the management of information across the multiple channels.

Yourcegid Retail is an industry leading POS and retail management solution that delivers simplicity to an evolving and complex retail landscape, and fully supports the demands of Omnichannel shoppers. Its functional coverage, drawn from the market’s best practices, is unparalleled, and it delivers outstanding ROI.

Point Of Sale Inventory Management Software

Inventory & Merchandise Management Store Management CRM & Loyalty Reporting

Why Yourcegid Retail:

Easy to set up and use: Yourcegid Retail can be set up in minutes, and upgrades can be downloaded instantly. The graphical, touchscreen user interface is intuitive to use. New employees can be trained in a day using the system’s training mode.

Flexible: Yourcegid Retail can be configured to your exact needs. It is utilized by retailers ranging from boutiques to international chain stores, and in multiple industries including fashion, luxury, sportswear, footwear, beauty and cosmetics, gifts, DIY and homeware.

Integrated:  Yourcegid Retail integrates with third-party financial systems such as Quickbooks, MS Dynamics, SAP, and many more.

Real Time: Yourcegid Retail offers comprehensive, retail time views of customers, transactions, orders, and inventory and replenishment across channels.

Omnichannel: Yourcegid Retail offers a centralized environment that enables retailers to connect customer interactions across channels and optimize operations across channels.

Customer Centric: Yourcegid Retail boasts a powerful CRM that enables you to capture customer data and personalize interactions with customers.

Mobile: Yourcegid Retail mobile devices allow retailers to interact with customers on the sales floor, and conduct transactions away from the cash register.

Scalable: Yourcegid Retail can be scaled as your business grows into multiple stores and retail channels. As you add additional customers and products to the system, Yourcegid Retail can manage unlimited amounts of information.

International:  Yourcegid Retail is the ideal solution for retailers looking to expand overseas. The system supports 28 languages and is used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Cegid utilizes its knowledge of local environments to ensure retailers’ international success.

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