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E-Commerce (Magento) Development, Hosting in NYC

Go from zero, nada, zilch to a fully functional Your Own E-Commerce in 5 Days! With 5 Steps!

Step 1:

Call us at (646) 979-0395

Step 2:

We give you a google spreadsheet to put all your products.

Step 3:

Select a theme from one of our award winning recommendations.

Step 4:

Sign up for a payment and shipping provider.

Step 5:

Build, Test and launch. Yay!


Simple Task has partnered with over 100 clients to built an end-to-end solution for both high volume and niche ecommerce systems. We offer this domain knowledge, business experience and software skills to you. We not only work with magento,  the most widely used e-commerce platform, but also with prestashop, apache obfus, RoR shoppe, python sactchless.

Our Magento team keeps itself abreast of the latest developments in the UI, UX, E-Commerce worlds .We continuously certify the latest version and use it for deployments, to avoid known legacy issues. We specialize in post-order integrations, including but not limited to integrating with your local and multinational vendors, integrations with ERP and other CRM systems.

Simple & Transparent Pricing:

  • We follow apple’s pricing philosophy and keep ours transparent and simple. Click here to take a look at our prices.
  • Yes, we are quite competitive, the reason being that we use advanced python scripts to setup, initialize and optimize your instance in the cloud.
  • We also use similar technology to add new modules to your system.

Services offered

  • Ecommerce Cart module.
  • Build a responsive, fluid themes provided by your designers.Custom product pages with SEO friendly layouts.
  • Muiti-store, multi-site setup for magento.
  • Email inbound and outbound.
  • CRM integration for your e-commerce.
  • Custom extensions and modules.

Modus Operandi

  • We whet your requirements and document your business needs, brand awareness and overall goal for the project.
  • Next, we either design or take your existing designs and review them based on latest UX recommendations.
  • Once the UI has been baselined, we use our advanced python scripts to build, customize and deploy a beta instance of your e-commerce website in 5 days!
  • Availability of easy payment gateways will be other advantages for your customers as we make it possible with Magento development services.
  • We integrate with all your social media platforms.

Clients Speak

Simple Task has tremendously simplified out e-commerce operations. They systematically replaced our old legacy system which required constant attention from multiple developers with a well oiled magento based system.  At this point, adding new features to our website is a breeze. Oh, the new and improved responsive website had been great for our SEO rankings.- Jeff Brenner CEO

Why Simple Task?

  • Fair question, 10+ years experienced Magento programmers
  • Transparency in every step of the process.
  • Extensive experience is many ecommerce domains, such as luxury, fashion, retail, services.
  • Using best practices in UX and UI industry to develop your theme.
  • Experience with various e-commerce models, e.g. dropship, straight through, multi-country, multi-channel.
  • Highly qualified and experienced PMs (Project Managers) who have worked for Facebook, Amazon etc.
  • Cost-optimizations by using automation where possible.
  • Great hosting solutions, with a keen eye on security and availability / fault-tolerance.
  • Performance and speed optimizations, including web accelerators and caches as part of deployment plans.
  • 24/7 communication & technical support


Tell us a little or a lot, we’ll get back to you asap.