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2nd anniversary in Simple Task – Miloš Zbiljić

We are proud to present you our dear colleague – Miloš Zbiljić. Straight from Dorćol to our office, today is the 2nd anniversary that he is a part of Simple Task! Congrats! 🙂 Here’s a short story about him, a developer who always has cool socks and a big smile on his face.


Miloš finished the faculty of economics and engineering management in Belgrade, and after that, he worked on several positions in administration and technical department in the police. He haven’t found himself in that world, it was too monotonous for him.
Almost 3 years ago, he got in touch with web design and development, when his friend needed some help with his website. He haven’t finished the website, but he started to learn about it, and from that moment on, he became a part of the IT world.
He first started to explore by himself, by reading different books, articles, watching different tutorials and online courses, and after that he enrolled in a course of Web design in Krojačeva škola, in Belgrade. It was a turning point in his career.
After he finished his 3 months long course, he found about Simple Task and joined the team. In the beginning, he was working with HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and Laravel. After that, he continued with PHP. Lately, he is working with Java and Angular. In general, Miloš worked on 10-15 project for Simple Task, so far.
In the next 2 years, Miloš sees himself as someone with a strong knowledge of software development and cutting edge technologies. He will tend to get to know most of the advantages and disadvantages of ongoing technologies.
His advice to others is to step freely into the world of programming, and just don’t give up despite the difficulties. Yes, it’s true that it sometimes demands a lot of sacrifice and hard work, but it’s sure worth of it. Miloš himself had some moments when he was thinking about quitting, but his curiosity to learn and work more kept him in track. And now, he’s here… 🙂

Keep up the good work!


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Nivo and Simple Task – story about a beautiful friendship


Sometime in spring 2014 two guys from New York Romain and Julian, decided to start their own business. Both being sports fans, it was logical to create a video platform where people would upload their sports recordings. And the idea about Nivo was born.


Since Julian and Romain are business guys, they needed a development team to create the video sharing platform for them. Luckily, they have met Simple Task. So, Simple Task have become Nivo’s tech division and a group of friends who have helped Romain and Julian to build the next big thing on the web.


We have talked about Nivo and their relationship with Simple Task with Romain, and here’s what he has to say.


Hi Romain! So, how have you started Nivo?

Well, let’s start from the beginning. After graduating in the Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, I have worked in New York for three and a half years for Boston Consulting Group. I have been working on many different projects, with many smart people. It was a great experience. But after a while, I got tired of working for somebody else, on projects that I was not choosing. On top of that, most projects were very demanding in terms of quality and the hours that we were putting. So, I’ve decided that if I were going to put this type of commitment I’d be better of investing in myself and my project. At that point, my best friend Julian was also in a situation when he was switching job and career, and we decided that it’s just the right time to do it. We wanted to get into this adventure together. It was perfect timing because we both wanted something exciting.


So, you sat one day and said: “Let’s make a platform where you can upload videos of your spots adventures”?

Yes 🙂 I wanted to work on my own thing but I didn’t have the idea. Fortunately, Julian did. In the beginning, the idea was to create a social platform for teenagers about sports. That was our concept. I love sports, and he loved sports and seemed great.  I could picture myself recording sports stuff that I do and share it. So, we thought about the concept for quite some time. When we had the idea nailed down and ironed out I’ve decided to quit my job, Julian decided to be there full time as well, and we launch it.


That’s great story. How long are you working on this project? Are you happy with the progress that Nivo is making?

We made the first steps in April 2014 – we got the prototype ready, got finances and the team, and got started. The long story short, Nivo is on the App Store since March 2015. It took us eleven months to cross the road from the idea to the market. We’ve been on the market for five months now. We are happy with the product and functionalities that it has. From the first version of Nivo to the version where we are today, it’s a whole different app. It looks much much better. So, in terms of product we are really happy, and in terms user acquisition we can always do better. We have prepared a few great things for the summer. One of them is big Summer Video Competition. We hope that this campaign will help us expand our user base. The great thing about our users is that they are very active and very engaged. We could say that people who know us, they love us, but not enough people know us yet.

Your time is coming. Is there any specific sport that you are promoting on Nivo? There are mainly videos of extreme sports. Is this your target area?

Nivo is open to every sport, but it is more suitable for visually appealing sports. Our users are mostly posting videos of the individual performance of street sports. We have freestyle soccer; we have basketball; videos from skate parks with people jumping around.


It seems that you have discovered entirely new sports scene with your app. Street sports and extreme sports are mainstream on the street, but they are not present in media.

Yes, exactly. Nivo videos are usually about the individual performance.  That can be snowboarding, or BMX riding, or surfing, or whatever else. One might say that you can see such videos on YouTube, but the difference is that it’s hard to find them. YouTube is great, but it’s not that good on mobile and we are mobile native. There is a big difference in a way that people are consuming videos today – they do it on their mobile phones. Our second advantage over YouTube is specialized vertical – sports. On YouTube, you can find the first video but the next can be some weird suggestion, not related to your search. On Nivo, you select your channel,  skateboarding for example, and you have a bunch of cool videos just for skateboarding. In general, we are offering much better user experience to the audience.


There are many opportunities here. I can imagine you organizing Street Olympic Games or something like that.

It’s funny that you said that. A few weeks ago we presented the project to a very senior guy at Disney. He watched the teaser for our Summer Video Competition, and he was extremely excited. He sent six emails in a row to our mutual friend, saying “This is great! This application could be the Olympic Game of the 21st century, without a stadium, on mobile”.  If you think that Uber is the biggest taxi company, and they don’t have cabs; Airbnb is the biggest hotel company, and they don’t have any hotels or rooms; we could be the biggest sports competition in the world, without any stadiums. That’s what we are trying to do. Nivo is open to everybody, to all sports, all ages, from everywhere, at the same time.



What is your biggest success with Nivo, so far?

I think it’s one – identifying an opportunity and finding a niche – sports based video for teenagers. There is nothing like this around. Two – creating the product with a strong identity and powerful DNA. And three – building reliable team (technical team in Simple Task, the founding team, and some other people working with us back home). All of them are very excited and very committed to Nivo. These are the three things that make our biggest success, so far.


That’s an excellent foundation. How did you meet Simple Task team?

The best things are often random, so this was as well. We had a contact in New York, and it turned out that he is one of the partners in Simple Task (it was Jean). We had to start Nivo application from scratch, and they were very keen to help us. The team has started very quickly and built us something that was the bare minimum, enough to get us started. The flexibility they provided was really important for us. Thanks to their work, we were able to create the prototype very quickly. It led us to funds and we got started. It was a signal for us to say: “OK, let’s continue, let’s get the work done.” Twelve months later here we are!


What would you say is the highest value that Simple Task is providing you?

They were excellent start partners for us. When you are starting a company, you often have big appetites. At that point, it’s good to have someone who will tell you “You know, I think we should start with this, it is a good first step. From here, you can grow in that direction, and that’s going to be flexible enough.” Guys from Simple Task said that to us. It turned out that they are right thought partners, not only in technical terms but also in planning and setting milestones. The highest value that Simple Task is giving us is the flexibility. With them, our technical cost is a variable, not fixed cost. Meaning that whenever we need Simple Task team they are here. Even if we have a long-term agreement, it’s cheaper arrangement for us than it would be to have to pay someone a full time in NY. That would be quite an expensive for such a small company. So, I must say that this outsourcing model worked quite well for us.


What would you say to a friend if he would ask you about Simple Task?

I have already recommended Simple Task to a couple of friends! I’d say that it is a right balance between an experienced team and affordable talent. I think it’s a good compromise with people who are dedicated, talented, have relevant experience, for a reasonable price. “Hey man, you have the opportunity to work with an experienced team for a half of the price that you would in NY” this is what I would say 🙂


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Coffee with our client

Coffee is always a good idea when discussing about new projects!
Coffee with our client

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21 Reason why Magento is an Excellent eCommerce Platform

21 Reason why Magento is an Excellent eCommerce Platform


You wish to start your online business, but you are not sure which platform to choose. There are many different options, but when it comes to eCommerce websites there is only one answer – Magento!


We have 21 good reasons to say that Magento is the one and only platform that you should be using for your eCommerce website. Once you hear them, you will feel the same. So, let’s star:


  1. Magento is very popular. Over 30% of all eCommerce websites out there are using the power of Magento to run their daily business.
  2. Magento is suitable for shops of all sizes. You can use it if you have just started your online web shop, as well as if you are a big company like Nike, Nestle, Lenovo or Samsung. Yes, they are all using Magento, too.
  3. Magento grows with you. While you are a small business, you will need only a core set of features. But, as you grow your requirements will become higher. So, everything you need to do is to select the option you need, and Magento will make it happen.
  4. Magento has a solid background. The platform was released back in 2008, and only three years later it eBay (one of the largest eCommerce websites in the world) has acquired it. eBay is still the owner of Magento, and it takes splendid care of the platform.
  5. Magento is free, open source platform. Yes, you read it well, it is free to use Magento. Of course, you can opt for Enterprise edition and pay for additional services, but you can also use Community or Go packages and enjoy all the benefits that it offers.
  6. Magento was built and designed to be eCommerce platform only. When something is created with a single purpose, you can expect it to work perfectly and do the job for you.
  7. Magento is quite rich with features. Just choose the set of options you need and they will be available for you. You can have everything from support for different currencies and currency rates to marketing tools, wishlists, reviews, and many similar additions.
  8. Magento Connect. Magento Connect is a large marketplace where you can find community add-ons and extensions. This place offers everything!
  9. Magento is a secured platform. When you know that eBay is using it for their business, you can rest assured that security level is quite high on this platform.
  10. Magento is a very stable platform. It is not very likely that Magento will crash when you reach massive traffic and popularity.
  11. Magneto provides you with very high performances. Your websites will be working great, pages will load fast, and you will not have to worry about optimizations because they are already built-in.
  12. Magento has a large community of developers. And you can always count on community support. If you get stuck, there will always be someone out there who knows the answer and is willing to help you.
  13. Magento has an excellent partner program. Use it to find certified Magento developers who will help you get the most out of the system.
  14. Magneto is an adjustable system with an open architecture. This type of flexibility allows you to create an original design and UX and apply it to the platform without any difficulties.
  15. Magento supports seamless integration with many different platforms, such as Google, Salesforce, MySQL, payment processors, shipping services, etc. Use this benefit to create a system that will enable you to run your entire business from one place.
  16. Magneto allows you to migrate from any other platform quite easily. If you are using some other eCommerce solution and wish to switch to Magento, you can do that quite quickly without worrying that some of your data would be lost.
  17. Magento gives you the option to manage multi-tenants. If you want to run a few online stores from the same place, that is not a problem. Magento will enable you to run them all from a single CMS.
  18. Magento is SEO friendly. It comes with basic SEO tools, like sitemaps, friendly URLs, meta-tags, descriptions. Use them to make your web-shop visible to your audience all across the web.
  19. You can create Mobile Commerce with Magento. People are using mobile devices to do their shopping more often than ever before. Make sure that you are here, too. Thanks to HTML5 support Magento can help you create a mobile shop with no need to learn a new technology.
  20. Magento has a few different user accounts and levels of access. This option can come in handy when you wish to include your team in the website management. Use it to make your job easier.
  21. Magento is great!


Have we convinced you? If you still have your doubts about whether or not to use Magento to build your web store, you are welcome to get in touch with us. We will help you make your decision and show you why we love Magento so much!

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ODOO Stripe Credit Card payment Integration

ODOO Stripe Credit Card payment Integration

Are you using Odoo to optimize your daily business activities? Do you use Stripe to collect payments?
If the answer to both questions is YES, then you are in need for Odoo Stripe Credit Cards payment integration! This Odoo module will enable you to create a link between services that you are using and help you make your job easier.

As a company owner or manager, you want to be able to track and manage your entire business in only one application. You don’t wish to go from one service to the other to find out more about your finances; you want to have everything under one roof. Odoo Stripe Credit Cards payment integration can help you achieve that.

What exactly is Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration?

Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration is an Odoo module that enables you to track all payments that you are processing via Stripe, in your Odoo setup. Yes, you can already manage your finances in Odoo (there are modules that can help you with that). But with Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration you will be able to track incomes that you are processing via Stripe.

We know that Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors. More than ten thousand business are using it every day. This number is steadily growing as the service is spreading all over the world. We also know that a lot of you are using Odoo as well, so we decided to create a link between the two services and make your job easier.

So, if you would ask us “What exactly is Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration?” our answer would be: “It’s a bond between two awesome services – Stripe and Odoo!”

How can you use Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration?

All you need to be able to use Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration is to have:
– your Odoo setup, that you are using to manage your daily business activities, and
– a Stripe account. With this account, you should get access to your Stripe API key, which is necessary for the module installation.

After you make sure that you have all of the above, Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration module will be set in no time. Of course, you can start using it right away.
Don’t worry about the usability – it is quite simple to use this module. You will find all the information that you need in no time. With just a few clicks, you will have full insight in your finance flow.

On top of that, you will be able to receive payments via Stripe for Odoo invoices and Odoo POS module. So, if you are not doing it already, you will be able to use Stripe for all the payments that you are processing and to track them in your Odoo.

Is there anything else that you can do with ODOO Stripe Credit Card payment integration?

Yes, there are a few other things that you can do with Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration. Here’s the list of a few neat features that you can use:
– Manage all your customers in a simple and unified manner.
– Create customers in Stripe automatically from the contact list that you already have in ODOO. It also can be done manually, so if you prefer you can do it in this way, too.
– Add new contacts in Odoo and Stripe at the same time. There is no need to double the work when you can do it simultaneously in both services.
– You can also add new contacts in Stripe while creating Invoices and filling out Invoice details in Odoo.
– You can even create Stripe journal entries by using Odoo accounting module. Creating Stripe journal from Odoo is another handy feature that can save you time and spare you from double work.

To sum it up, with Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration you can have a full insight in your finances and a unified list of customers.

Where can you get Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration?

The answer is quite simple – at Simple Task LLC. Our company is a certified Odoo Partner, and this is just one of the modules that we are creating to make your daily work easier. If you are interested in Odoo Stripe Credit Card payment integration, feel free to get in touch. We will gladly help you!

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