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We are Simple task

Simple Task prides itself in being a nimble, agile, flat and innovative company. We take our values seriously and believe that our competitive advantage stems from our ability to balance our short term goals of executing projects and our long term focus on automation and sustained innovation.

We have worked with a number of companies from all over the world on large projects and the diversity in project types enabled us to learn and gather experience in a number of web and desktop technologies as well as project management and quality control.

We are friendly and like to talk because we believe that only mutual understanding can give excellent results. We won’t try to confuse our clients with technical details if they don’t require them but we can, if necessary, provide detailed documentation and technical specification for everything we do.

Transparency :
We encourage our employees to be transparent with our clients, vendors and with other employees in all your interactions. We take this seriously and enforce it without hesitation.


Partner & CEO

Jean is a Partner at Simple Task LLC, where he oversees strategy for the company. He has served in nearly every facet of technology on three continents- Europe, Asia, and North America. Jean has 15 years of experience advising and launching successful digital startups, especially in e-commerce, most recently founding and leading tech support firm Netik to over seven-figures revenues on year one. He aims to utilize his knowledge and talent to helping Simple Task LLC gain rapid traction and growth.


Partner at Sweat Private Equity Firm. Helping businesses focus on growth.

Ram is a Partner at Simple Task LLC, where he oversees information technology concerns, and operations. Following his academic career, Ram spent 10 years at Bloomberg LP, eventually being promoted to Head of Fixed Income Analytics. Since then, he has also served as Vice President at JP Morgan, and is a partner in ITTS LLC and numerous other technical projects. He also has an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business, and enjoys sports and spending time with family in his spare time.


Partner & Tech Lead

Niksa is technical lead and certified Scrum Master with 7 years of professional experience and strong technical background. He has developed or designed technology solutions in a wide spectrum of product development areas, including internet media, e-commerce, m-commerce, public enterprises, entertainment, lifestyle, finance industries. Making technical decisions, translating business rules and requirements into technical requirements is one of his many strengths. He also specializes in web applications, design and architecture. In the past, Niksa has worked for Pepsico and L'Oreal.

Short term focus and long term vision :

We plan at most one month at a time when executing but our eyes are clearly set on long term goals. This is a very difficult balancing act and we do not pretend that we always get it right. But we strive to both of these priorities clearly in our perspective when making day to day decisions.